Friday, January 13, 2012

McDonalds {are you Lovin' it?}

I was in love with McDonald's. It had Diet Coke in a foam cup. What else did I need when I was living the {dirty} life?  I still find myself splurging on McDonald's about every 2-3 months when I am scrambling for a quick meal.  

My trip usually begins with a {brief} episode of satisfaction followed by a {much longer} episode of stomach cramping and bloating. Followed by large consumption of water to rinse it all out of my body because of sodium overdose. I may be a "clean freak" but I am still human and try to convince myself I can still eat junk food and be ok.

Jillian Michael's posted this on her facebook page this week. It's regarding California apparently requiring all McDonald's to put this warning label on their foods. Interesting.

We all know Fast Food is bad for us. Don't we? But, do you really stop and think about what it's doing to our bodies? Or HOW bad it really is for us!

I'm guessing that many you have heard by now that highly processed foods just don't rot or mold.  Here's yet another image confirming this fact.

Delicious, isn't it?

 To read the whole blog entry regarding this image (and you know you do) go to : 

We usually only eat a handful of products from McDonald's (fries, cheeseburger, apples, and nuggets). Once I get to the bottom of these tasty treats I can hopefully convince myself NEVER to eat there again. 

Check out this article about McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. Nasty. I'm not 100% convinced about the chicken head thing really happened, but it wouldn't shock me either if it did. I couldn't find another on the internet to tell me it wasn't true. Anyway, check it out.

Do you buy your kids Happy Meals very often? Check out this video of one that has been left out for 6 months! WOW!

This is footage from the documentary Super Size me. If you have a weak stomach, I advise to watch it but not while eating!

If you truly watched and read all the links I posted and still want to eat McDonald's, that's your choice.  We have to realize no one else is going to make that decision for us.  As for my family, I am going to make a conscious effort to stay away from fast food. Over the past year I have managed to stay away from most all fast food, except McDonald's. It has been my weakness. I think it's time for me to wake up and smell the overly processed "fries".

CF Update (Feb) 2013: I have only went to McDonald's (drive thru) one time and had fries.I didn't even finish them they were so nasty and bland. That is huge progress! I did make a pit stop inside once for a bathroom break and it didn't smell well inside (the WHOLE restaurant, ha).
Update (Nov) 2013:  I haven't had a single item from McDonald's since November of 2012. That was the post above regarding the fries. And I now don't want to eat a thing from there. Time heals even the WORST food cravings!!! YAY!

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