Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The REBOOT {cleanse} -DAY THREE

Day 3 was the first full day that I had my juicer and it made a world of difference. When I was hungry I would just make a green juice. I didn't even have the desire to eat many fruits or vegetables either so I ended that evening with some celery and Braggs dressing & a banana. I'm SHOCKED to say this, but I don't mind the Kale in my juices at all. 

In the documentary film, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", Joe Cross talks about the first 3 days being the most difficult.  I'm going to trust this man since he did this juice cleanse for 60 days with great long term success and continue with this journey.  There was, however, a point in day 3 that I thought to myself...WOW! Joe Cross is amazing. He is a rock. The fact that I am on a quest of just 7 days and he did 60. AMAZING! He has the willpower and determination all Americans should have. On the other hand, I live a pretty {clean} life now and don't have much weight to lose so I don't have the need to even attempt the 60 days of juicing. 

For those of you that haven't had the chance to watch the film, here's a picture of Joe prior to taking control of his life.  I won't give away all the details because I want you to watch the film. BUT I will say, if you have a chronic illness of any kind this is a must watch! 

310 lbs

If you want to jump start your {clean eating} and don't know where to begin, this cleanse would be an awesome way to start. You will FOR SURE drop weight. If you don't have much to lose and you just need to detox your body then I would still suggest doing so for 7-10 days. 

By the end of day 3 I was proud of myself! I went to sleep determined to make it to day 7!....DAY THREE, done!

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