Monday, April 30, 2012

The Reboot {cleanse} - DAY TWO

Day two was much easier than day one. I woke up that morning and was shocked that I wasn't starving. I cherished my one cup of coffee knowing it was all the caffeine I would have for one day.  I was on a mission to get a real juicer. Especially after I juiced a glass by hand through a cheesecloth. Never again was I going to do that. Try everything once, right?

I thought it would be an easy task. Go to a store and get a moderately priced juicer and be done. Well....that wasn't quite the outcome. My mother in law watched our kids so we could go on this "juicer mission". I honestly thought this mission would end of the local Wal-mart in her town. Not the case. I wanted to spend around $50-60 for the juicer. Any of their display options in that price point were not on the shelves. Bummer. 

That lead us to leaving that town (yes, Wal-mart was the only option there) for more stores. I HAD to get more pure juice into my system. STAT!  After another 4-5 stores (I lost count) we ended up at Sears in the middle of a run down mall (it truly was our last hope in this town). There is was, the juicer I actually really wanted from Wal-mart in the first place. Regular $79.99. On sale for $59.99. Score!

 It was the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Blender. I practically hugged the box. I later apologized to the cashier since I was acting a little "off" aka grumpy from lack of juice. At one point my husband and I both laughed as if we were on a mission that would never end in success and I would just shrivel away to nothing. You can tell by the picture the poor lighting in this Sears. HA!

That evening for dinner I made a HUGE salad with spinach, mixed greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes (with a small amount of fresh salsa as dressing). I thought for sure I could eat ALL that salad from the way I felt. I made it half way through, had myself a nice hot decaf green tea and called it a day.

Day TWO...Done!

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