Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Reboot {cleanse} DAY ONE

Let the fun begin...I have always wanted to do a cleanse but never felt that I was ready to commit to days without eating.  Rebooting your life is about taking a set amount of time to drink freshly made juice concoctions. I decided after talking with some friends that were coming off their cleanse that I would start Saturday! I knew the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was about juicing so I decided to watch it Friday night to prepare me mentally for the benefits of a cleanse. WOW! I loved the film. It was funny, educational, and inspiring. I will be watching it again.

I logged on to and inputted my goals and it suggested I do a 10 day cleanse(juice + eating). That meant I would consume juice + raw fruits and vegetables. My personal goal is 7 days. Please follow me in my journey of REBOOT!

I typically eat 6 meals a day so my mind is always on what is next to eat(and having clean options handy). I woke up that morning knowing I was in for a challenge. I decided to keep one cup of coffee in with this cleanse. One thing I suggest doing before you decide to cleanse is to buy a nice juicer. I wasn't going to get to buy one until Sunday so I stopped in Kroger to get some Bolthouse Farms juices to be ready for morning.  They were buy one get one. SCORE!

I had a charity auction to work on the whole day at someone else's house. I thought this could get interesting. I packed my cooler with my juices, fruits and veggies and off I went. Determined to make it through DAY ONE!  Luckily when I arrived the host had fresh fruit out for breakfast(and some sort of cake, I didn't even look at it) and then lots of veggies for lunch. It was HARD because they also had homemade hummus(a weakness of mine), pita chips, tortilla chips, chicken salad, croissants (which i would have had one if not on the cleanse), and many other items. I consumed a lot of veggies. And the nastiest beverage I have tasted to date. Never again! I can't get my juicer soon enough at this point, but I can't leave my duties that I came to do.

I was actually fine until about 4pm and then the hunger hit. WOW! I was famished. I'm hoping DAY TWO is better since I will have a juicer and can juice whenever I am hungry.  I left the meeting and headed home around dinner time (like I cared much about dinner time at this point). I wasn't myself, that's for sure. Weak. My family had been away at church and were getting home late so I decided to make them some dinner. It took all I had in me not to eat anything I was preparing. When they arrived home I had to get out of the kitchen because at that point I could have eaten a piece of cardboard. 

FINALLY, after consuming 2 bottles of juice, watermelon, and a hot green tea my hungry stopped. I decided to play it safe(and get sleep) and ate a small spinach and tomato salad with a drizzle of Bolthouse balsamic dressing around 10pm. It was a Bolthouse day.

I will say I LOVE the Bolthouse juices without the protein.  They are delicious.

I slept through the night and didn't even wake up hungry. I was shocked. DAY ONE...done. 

UPDATE 2013: Bolthouse has a lot of juice concentrates in it. It doesn't give you the same effects of true green juicing. I am always learning and wanted to share. I did NOT do a good day on Day one. Looking back, I should have waited a day to start AFTER I had a juicer.

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