Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am not a baker. And that is an understatement.  If I can bake something and blog about it, then ANYONE can make it.  Period. 

This isn't a recipe but a product shout out. It's very hard to find simple, prepackaged, sweet treats to reach for on the shelf that sticks with the {clean eating} lifestyle. Well, I have FINALLY found one worth trying that does just that. One of my favorite parts about this product is that you only add vanilla yogurt to the mix and you're done! (now, if sticking to clean living, make sure you use {all natural} vanilla yogurt-not fat free). It can't get much easier than that. 

No Pudge! Brownies
No Pudge! Fat Free Fudge Brownies Mixes are the only brownie mixes that make delicious, decadent brownies with NO FAT. Great news for chocoholics who want to satisfy their craving while keeping the fat out of their diet. Our mixes are made from only the finest ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS using no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Just add fat-free vanilla yogurt, mix and bake!

For more information visit:

Oh, and it's worth mentioning that they have 4 flavors...Original,  Cappuccino, Mint, and Raspberry.

NOTE: I found the Original Flavor at my local Kroger. I haven't tried it yet but I am guessing I can sneak in flaxseed to this mix with no complaints. Try adding your favorite chopped nuts or dried fruit.  Let me know if you do and how it turned out. 


  1. No Pudge Brownies are seriously the best ever!!! Thanks for all the great idea's. I'm semi-new to clean eating and always looking for recipes to try. Love your blog!

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoy! Keep up the great work. It pays off :)