Saturday, May 21, 2011

Which Is Worse: Aspartame Or High Fructose Corn Syrup?

It's always refreshing and encouraging to read about others that are trying to make a huge conscious decision in their health and their family's health.

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Written By: Betsy Escandon, Eco-Novice:
Is the artificial sweetener aspartame bad for you? The FDA and food industry think it is A-OK. But some researchers have linked aspartame to cancer, neurological problems, and preterm delivery. For me, it’s really a non-issue whether government regulatory bodies and researchers ever reach a consensus on the safety of artificial sweeteners like aspartame.
As a general rule, I try to eat only food, not substances never found in nature that were synthesized in a laboratory (a.k.a. food additives). This is surprisingly difficult if you shop in an American supermarket. Lots of ingredients in processed foods fall into this food additives category: artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners. I avoid them all.
Somewhat related rant/ true story: my vegan sister has long been an avid ingredient reader. She told me that recently she looked up an unfamiliar ingredient listed on a loaf of white bread at my mom’s house to see if her kids could eat it. The unfamiliar ingredient, she discovered, was derived from human hair. So, as a vegan, she couldn’t eat it (since humans are animals, after all). But, seriously, what is that doing in a loaf of bread??? What I’m saying to you is, there are a lot of non-food ingredients in “food” these days. Maybe the government thinks they are OK, and maybe researchers haven’t found anything wrong with them (yet). I think you should avoid them.
Are artificial sweeteners better than processed sugars such as refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup? To answer this question….Read More 


  1. Speaking of Bread, Angie, what type of bread do you eat? I can make my own but I do not always have time for this!

  2. I eat different brands. My key in determining what to eat is NO HFCS. And it must read WHOLE WHEAT as the first two words in the Ingredients. Hope that helps. Also, you want it to have ZERO trans fats. These are most likely the ones $3.99 a loaf. I stock up if it's half off and freeze it :)