Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIET {a four letter word}

THREE years. I have went three years with NO diet coke (besides that sip back at my year mark to see what it tasted like).  Each year at my (additional) year mark I make a blog entry.  I think it's very important to look back on how far I have come and reflect on my journey. I refuse to drink or eat diet foods again. Period. Why? I'll just give you the simple answer: We weren't created to eat chemicals. 

Some would like to argue that they have no side effects (overweight, headaches, stomach pain) to give them the push they need to stop ALL artificial sweeteners.  I didn't stop diet coke because I had side effects, I stopped it because it did nothing positive for my health and I was addicted to it. Also, a few months prior to this commitment, I had just lost a friend to Breast Cancer. Taking that journey with her changed my life forever. Read more about my friend Megan and how she impacted my life then and now: Age is Just a Number

 I don't care to take a gamble of whether or not, in 10-20 years from now, I find myself, or my child, in a doctor's office with symptoms, diseases, or cancer that can be linked to my (or their) consumption of artificial sweeteners.

I urge you to stop consuming anything with artificial sweeteners. Gum, candy, sweet treats, medications, drinks and the list can go on and one. 

Here is a great link that spells out what to look for on the labels: Avoid Artificial Sweeteners  

 Diet foods tricks your brain and body.  If you are one that considers yourself a "healthy" eater and still drinks diet coke...shame on you. You are sending mixed messages to yourself and your family.  Chemicals in a can with a side of healthy eating? Just doesn't make sense. But, why does what I am writing seem "crazy" to some of you? Chances are you are addicted to diet drinks (and diet foods) and you can't see a way out. I am hear to tell you that you CAN break the cycle. Your life will be full and rewarding with out a can of chemicals. Even more so you will find.

Here's a great article: The Truth about Diet Soda 

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  1. I just stumbled on your blog from pinterest. I went there to try and find where to start because yesterday I had my final straw of being overweight and I want to be DONE! Your story super inspiring to me because I have always been anti diet and I do just want to eat real food and be healthy! I saw that you gave the advice to someone to start with what you drink and get rid of artificial sweeteners, neither of which are problems for me...what are the next few steps you recommend? Thank You!

    1. Tell me more about what you drink daily. And you read every label to avoid artificial sweeteners ? Do you still consume HFCS? I would say to start avoiding HFCS and food dyes.

    2. My iPhone is acting up...limiting those two will for sure cut out a lot more foods you can't consume. Feel free to message me on Facebook privately more information on what you eat on a regular basis. I limited sugar (of al types), dairy, and gluten.