Friday, July 5, 2013

Cholesterol {still not giving up hope}

I'm not sure how many of your know why I start this Eating Clean journey, but the main push was to lower my cholesterol. In August 2010, I was frustrated that I had incorporated working out, limited my food intake (not the thing to do at all, now I know this), and hadn't lost any weight! My doctor ordered blood work. The results were in...My cholesterol was high. It wasn't super high, but it wasn't normal.

My doctor immediately wanted me to start on a statin drug. I pushed back. I went on a mission to change my overall health.  A mission to lose the weight for good and get active. I got my cholesterol tested every 4 months and it never got to the perfect "normal" range. My triglycerides dropped drastically but that was about it. I did, however, feel great, lost the weight and got educated on cholesterol and overall heart health.

I have to admit it really does sting when you lose the weight and get healthy and the numbers still don't budge, but I am trying to remember the overall bigger picture. I focus my life on heart healthy foods, staying active, and staying on top of my health.

After nearly 3 years of working hard to get my numbers where they need to be...they still aren't perfect.  BUT, I will say for the first time my HDL (good) cholesterol has finally come one point from being normal (10 pts higher than it was in 2010).  I will take that as a huge deal.  For anyone that checks their cholesterol they know there is an ideal ratio you are aiming for: <4.45

I like to be open and honest with you guys in hopes my journey helps you.  I won't bore you with all my individual numbers, but I will say that my ratio has went from 6.14 to 4.98 in the past 3 years with no medications. Yay! 

I have since switched doctors (I was very frustrated my past one kept wanting to push medications) and love my new doctor. I highly suggest you LOVE your doctor. Look for one that isn't quick to write a RX for the latest medication. My new doctor wants to treat me, not a number or test result. After reviewing my overall health and eating commitments he doesn't think I should be on statin drugs now and possibly never (time will tell). He is looking at all my health considerations and seeing how they are linked together. He wants to commit to making me the best I can be for my future and my family.  He builds me up. He gives me hope. He listens. He is a GOOD doctor. He was worth the 6 month wait to get my initial visit.

This may help you find the "perfect" doctor for you...How to Find a Doctor

If you haven't had your cholesterol checked lately you need to schedule an appointment ASAP. It's very important to know your numbers.

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