Monday, April 2, 2012

{clean} Cinnamon Popcorn Crunch

I stopped buying bagged popcorn after I received a Whirley Popper for Christmas. I had always wanted to get one but never remembered to do so when I was at the store. I know, shocker that air popping popcorn wasn't at the center of my mind.

Most all bagged popcorn is loaded with harmful chemicals, artificial colors, artificial flavors and {bad} fat.  The chemical diacetyl, which is used to create the buttery flavor, is linked to respiratory issues. Many of the name brand manufacturers have quit putting them in their products, so they say. I don't think I will chance it anymore. If you are eating a lot of microwaved popcorn a week you should really consider giving it up and popping your own. Make sure you get the facts.

Another reason why it's great to pop your own is that I'm saving money and making less waste. You are paying a lot for a little amount of popcorn to even get what the box calls {all natural}. 

Every person I make this popcorn for LOVES it! It has a subtle hint of coconut with cinnamon, cane sugar, and sea salt. It doesn't get much easier than that! 

{clean} Cinnamon Popcorn Crunch

Add all ingredients to Whirley Popper and Whirl away. Let cool for a few minutes and it will turn into a healthy crunch version of caramel corn. Feel free to play around with the measurements of the ingredients.  Just remember that if you add too much salt or sugar it is no longer a healthy snack.

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