Friday, May 11, 2012

Juicin' On....

It's been a week since I ended my 7 day reboot and I am feeling great.  I forgot to mention before that I was down 4 lbs that week.  I can guarantee if you have weight to lose you will see some of it come off in a week of rebooting and have added energy. If you choose to move forward after the end of the reboot and eat clean and responsible you will keep it off.  Best of luck to you all that have purchased your first juicer and are embarking on the juice journey with me.

 The first morning after the reboot ended I woke up (after dreaming of green juice, odd, I know...must have been the two glasses of Riesling I consumed) and made myself a green juice. No joke. It just sounded good to me. In the days that have passed I noticed I didn't have the energy that I did on the juice (and I had my first headache in a week). I know I didn't notice much of a change when I went on it, but I can tell you with all certainty I missed it!  I'm shocked to let you know that I have been juicing daily. Having one glass a day of the green stuff.  

I've been juicing for my friends and family. I love spreading the love. However, juicing does make a big ole' dent in the pocketbook. It's not cheap to make organic glasses of juice, but it's not cheap either to be on multiple medications due to weight related illnesses. It's not cheap to take over the counter pain medications for headaches. It's not cheap to drink soda daily. It's not cheap to spend gas money traveling to and from doctors appointments. Juicing is an investment for tomorrow.  It gives you the energy you lack when you are on processed foods.  Instead of reaching for a caffeine fix of tea or coffee I've been making myself a green juice when I feel sluggish or have a headache. It truly works.

Many people ask if they can use a blender to get the same results. My answer is NO. By all means, if you don't want to get a juicer and are committed to blending spinach, fresh veggies and fruit and drinking it, DO IT! However, to get the full benefits of the reboot you must drink the juice. Juicing gives your body an incredible amount of easily digestible nutrients.  Eating the amounts of fruits and vegetables that goes into one glass, in one sitting, would be difficult and wouldn't digest as easily in your system.  Juice flushes waste and detoxifies the body.  If you suffer from any chronic illness it sure would be worth it to give a week of your life to solely live on juice.  I have read many, many positive outcomes to chronic health issues from juicing.

Best of luck to those of you brave enough to give juicing a try and being open minded in that journey. It will be worth it! I promise.

If you don't want to just go on my word alone, here are five men and their stories of

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