Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mini Ice Cream Cups

I saw this idea a while ago and I'm just now implementing it.  Who says ice cream is off limits when eating clean??? I sure don't preach that!

 {Eating Clean} isn't about giving up everything you once loved and considered "bad", but yet finding a {clean} version of it.  Of course the best choice is organic ice cream but that isn't always easily accessible.  For this time we used Breyers {all natural} ice cream found at my local Kroger. 

Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Sugar, Tara Gum, and Natural Flavor 
It's impressive to only have 5 items listed! Go spend some time reading labels in the ice cream section like me. Not only will you start to get cold, you will get disappointed at all the chemicals, trans fats, etc in most of them.

A serving size is 1/2 cup. Many people don't stick to these portions when scooping out a huge bowl or ordering ice cream at the local ice cream shop. My family understands the meaning behind "a little goes a long way". My kids love ice cream and frozen yogurt.  They enjoy having dessert with almost every meal.  This idea serves them up a small portion of ice cream with their predetermined toppings in a simple easy manner. I would estimate around 1/4 cup in each. They leave satisfied with it!

Simple get cupcake liners and line a muffin tin, then scoop ice cream into each spot and add whatever toppings you would like. We did dark chocolate chips, Barbara's Snackimals, and {all natural} peanut butter.  They weren't all the same.  If you are going to do this, make the time to do it right when you get home from the grocery store when the ice cream is super easy to scoop! 

Lastly, I covered with plastic wrap, let them firm up and then transferred them to a plastic freezer container. Now you have small sweet snacks to serve after a healthy {clean} dinner.  It's a win win in my book!

UPDATE 2013: I now only by Alden's Organic Ice Cream. Breyer's has changed their formula lately (of most) to be a Frozen Dairy Dessert (a cheaper product).

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