Thursday, May 3, 2012

The REBOOT {cleanse}-DAY FIVE

When day five rolled around I was on the fence. On one hand I was proud I had even made it to day FIVE (that's good enough, right?) and on the other I wanted to just stop (and shove a handful of raw nuts into my mouth)! Yes, I've been graving raw pistachios and almonds.  And, of course, a billion other food items go through my head that I can't eat right now.  

During a reboot cleanse it's VERY important to focus on consuming GREEN juices with lots of vegetables.  Kale, Spinach, Romaine lettuce, Cucumbers, Celery to name a few.  Fruits are added to give it a nice balance, but really only should be used in moderation because of all the sugar.

This cleanse teaches you a LOT about your eating habits.  Prior to the cleanse I was accustomed to grabbing fruit, veggies, hummus or nuts for a snack throughout the day to avoid feeling hungry.  I found it particularly hard on day five not to accidentally put something in my mouth. This wouldn't be so hard if I wasn't still preparing three meals a day for my family. (I know, I should get some sort of medal for being SO nice)  This cleanse I chose to do allows fresh fruit and raw veggies. I have a salad (which is just lettuce, veggies, and a drizzle of dressing) once a day in the evening, because I find that is when I crave food the most.  I am used to a big plate of food at the end of my day. 

By the end of day 5 I had to reevaluate things. I had to dig deep for that inner power.  I had to realize that I had set a goal and I could reach that goal in TWO more days. Never give up because you will only have regrets. With every personal goal you set and accomplish (big or small) comes peace to your heart and empowerment to your soul.  Remember that.

 I hadn't really eaten anything in 5 days but yet I still functioned as though I had been eating my {clean} lifestyle.  The stranger on the street wouldn't dare guess all I had consumed for 5 days was basically green juice.  Typically I'm a pretty happy, optimistic person but I felt there was an added bounce in my step.  I felt like I could tackle anything. Nothing was holding me down. 

As late evening rolled around (and with a little added encouragement from my hubby) I had decided I would finish this goal and experience it completely.

Day FIVE.....barely.....DONE!

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