Friday, March 4, 2011


People ask me all the time, what is the cost difference between your {clean pizza} and delivery pizza? Well, I finally sat down and did the "pizza" math. The results are.....
let's just say, eye opening!

Startup Costs:
  Ground Flaxseed       $3.50 
  Wheat Flour           $3.60
  Sea Salt              $1.00
  Yeast                 $1.00
  Olive Oil             $5.50
  Crushed Tomatoes      $3.25
  Tomato Paste          $1.00
  Dried Oregano         $1.00
  Red Pepper Flakes     $1.00
  Dried Basil           $1.00
  Honey / Agave         $4.00
  Garlic                $0.50
  Fresh Mozzarella      $4.99
  Pecorino Romano       $3.00
                Total:  $34

Per Pizza Costs:
             Batch     Per Pizza
  Dough      $1.60      $0.53
  Sauce      $5.55      $0.93
 Cheese      $7.15      $2.23
                Total:  $3.69   

There you have it, $3.69 for one medium {clean} cheese pizza. Shall we stop here??? Oh no, we're having too much fun, let's continue on this pizza math journey. 

Let's say a family orders two medium cheese pizza's every Pizza Friday for a whole year. Assuming two medium cheese pizzas (avg. price $10.50), including tax and tip, equals $27, then you would spend $1,415 a year.  Taking the homemade pizza costs above, you could save $1,031 per year!  (Just think, that could be his and her iPads!)

Wanna give my {clean} pizza a try??? 

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