Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No Regrets {the clean life}

I often thank God that I was led to Clean Eating. It has changed much more than just my appearance. It has changed my outlook on life. It has changed my purpose.

 I used to always live with regrets. Regrets I wasn't full of energy and was growing older. Regrets I was overweight and not my best me for my family. Regrets I ate this. Regrets I ate that. Regrets I wasn't taking care of my health.

I am not about to tell you this all came about 3 months after I started my clean eating journey. Or even a year after. BUT, I will tell you that as I type this 3 years later, I realize I have NO regrets in life regarding food.

If I eat out, I eat what I want. I don't worry about calories or fat (However, I often choose dairy-free and meat-free when out).  Do I eat out often? No.  But I never find regret in it. Unless, I am laid up in terrible pain from consuming dairy and chemicals. Then I have regrets because of the pain.

 I have found a true balance in life. Between the good and the....evil.  My mind used to be constantly filled with what should or shouldn't I eat. I was a confused lost soul.

I no longer care to eat crappy candy ever again or binge on a bag of Doritos. I have no desire to ever touch Diet Coke again. So much of what I thought I couldn't live without turned out to be what was holding me back from seeing the bigger picture. The importance of good health. The freedom to live life without limits.

I have been freed. Freed from the crap food that was holding me down. I can't stress enough how your life can change when you give your health your all. If something bothers you, go to the doctor. If you are due for your baseline tests, go! We aren't guaranteed tomorrow, but that doesn't mean we can't fight to earn tomorrow.

If you truly want to be transformed begin eating clean. Go all in. Read labels like it's your part time job. Care about every single thing that goes into your body. Become aware. 

I can't change you. I can only inspire you. 

Trust me, friends. Giving up all the fake foods is more than just giving up the fake foods. There is a bigger picture and purpose. 

TRUST the process. 

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