Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ian's {Fish Sticks Family Pack}

My son is rather picky when it comes to fish (or anything for that matter). With that being said, I decided to just "go with it" a while back and serve fish nuggets or fish sticks from time to time to help him be ok with consuming "FISH".  I hope this helps him realize fish is not the evil thing some people make it out to be.

He LOVED these fish sticks. We ALL loved these fish sticks. I think it brought back memories of childhood. AND the best part is there is NO gluten, milk, eggs, nuts, or soy in the product.  These are super allergy friendly. They are not greasy. They cook crispy and there is really no fishy taste at all. SCORE!

Attention (clueless in the kitchen) dads! 
This is something you can bake for your kids when mom is out of town and feel good about it. Heat up some frozen sweet corn, serve some all natural apples sauce and fresh cut fruit and you look like a {clean freak} HERO! Same thing goes for (clueless in the kitchen) ladies too!

I was a little set off by the price (but nothing real is cheap!). Even with being on sale they were over $7, but I am glad I decided to try them. I will be buying these from now on instead of the previous greasy Trader Joe's ones.  These are also cooked in GMO-free canola oil. I rarely purchase anything with canola oil, but let's face it, you can't find certain foods without it.

Give them a try.  I purchased them at Kroger in the Natural Section.

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