Friday, November 29, 2013

Facebook Timeout {2 month break}

I think often in life (especially in this tech age) we get wrapped up the things that aren't that important. Caring about what others think of us daily, what they are doing every minute, and how that impacts one's life.

I decided it was time for a break from my personal Facebook account. So I gave myself a personal Facebook Timeout!  I had thought about it before but couldn't figure out a way to keep my Clean Freak page still going and not have access to the personal side. Little did I know it was super easy and I just needed to use a secondary email address. So the journey began.

Boy, it was hard week ONE! I felt the need to tell everyone the smallest of things and I couldn't!!! It seemed quite strange to tell people the silliest of things once you had time to think about saying them.  

After week one it quickly changed and I didn't miss it much at all. There are so many things I didn't miss.  Politics. Complaining. Comparing. Bragging.  Stalking. The list could go on and on. People ASSUMED you knew everything about their life if it was posted. They assumed you were putting in the HOURS of following it takes a week to keep up. 

I had a new sense of privacy and, quite frankly, I enjoyed it. If someone wanted to know how I was, they had to ask.  If I wanted to know how they were, I had to do the same.  Effort. Before Facebook and social media came along it took effort to remain friends with people. And I can assure you that we all didn't have upwards of 500+ friends we had to keep tabs on at all times.

Moving forward I will not be putting the Facebook app on my iPhone. That will limit my wasted time starring down at my phone when I could be doing something actually having a conversation with someone. 

I have reevaluated what I will be using Facebook for in the future. Don't get me wrong there are many things Facebook is great for, like rallying people for a great cause, asking questions, and selling things. Just to be honest, at about the 6 week mark I logged back in my personal Facebook to post on a church's message board about helping out a mother in need with four children. Other than that I stayed off and didn't even care to check it, which I found very surprising.

Do you feel you are addicted to Facebook? Checking it too much throughout the day? Maybe it's Twitter for you that you feel you can't live without. It may be time for a Tech Timeout. 

I am here to tell you that life does go on when you don't check it on every little detail of Dick and Jane. Taking a break has been great and I think I'll do it once a year to keep in check.  Think of all the time you could use to READ LABELS if you took a break from so much technology. HA!

Moving forward I am not going to keep up with everyone on Facebook. It was insane to think I could in the first place. 

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