Monday, December 31, 2012

Are you ready for 2013???

Another full calendar year of {clean eating} is behind me.

I have less anxiety. I have less digestive issues. I have less headaches. I have less sickness. I have less depression. I have less cramps. I have less chemicals in my body. I have reduced my risk of many diseases.   I have less hunger.

I have more energy. I have more inspiration. I have more strength.  I have more mental clarity. I have more micronutrients in my body to ward off illnesses in my body.  I have reached my ideal body weight. I have better skin.  I have better hair.  I sleep better.  I have more hope for good health in my future.  

If you struggle with your health you should really consider going "clean". FULLY CLEAN for 30 days. I want to be very clear about something, I want you to do this to be HEALTHIER, not thinner. If you are overweight by any amount, try it. Being overweight can lead to so many illnesses down the road. If you truly follow the eating clean principles and dive in head first, the rest will follow. Promise. 

Your ideal weight will start to emerge. In the first 3-4 more months you will feel frustrated, scared, empowered, and rich with reward.  You will soon, "get it". You will start to share it with everyone and anyone you care about. You will want them to realize what they are feeling isn't the BEST they can feel.  You will feel truly BLESSED and proud. You will realize you had it in you this whole time. 

If you are looking to make THE change and would like to completely overhaul your life and embark on a {clean eating} journey, here are some of the major things you will need to know.

Avoid all over-processed and refined foods (especially sugar, white rice, and white flour)

Avoid saturated and trans fat, instead consuming healthy fats (Margarine, Fast food, Frozen meals, Prepackaged Meats, store made baked goods, most chips and crackers, cereal bars, candy, cookies, toppings, dips, etc)

Avoid soda and other sugary juices and drinks (just stop drinking them FOR GOOD)

Avoid high-calorie, zero nutrient foods, (i.e., junk food)

 If you are still drinking soda or other sugary drinks you are in for quite the fight to detox off of those.  I'm here to prove that it can be done as I am 29 months "sober" off the Diet Coke. (and only crazy ex-addicts still count after the year (or two) mark)

Now, here are a few things you SHOULD do:

Drink Green Tea (and water). It's recommended you drink half your body weight in ounces daily of water. (ex. A person weighing 150 lbs. should drink 75 ounces.) If you are consuming green tea in your water you are only doing your body a favor. Read more about why here: Miracle Tea    

Exercise. Start with 2 hours a week. Walking counts. Heck, have you ever played Wii Just Dance game? That counts too! Yard work. Shoveling snow. Stretching. Get creative. Get OFF the sofa. 

Always eat breakfast. Always. Even if you aren't hungry. Eat within a hour of waking.  

Eat 5 to 6 small meals daily. That's 3 main meals and 2-3 {healthy} snacks.

Stick to these 8 "rules" and master them and you will see huge results.  I will say that I am not 100% {clean} and never claim to be. I strive for 90%+ each month.

Here's the book I bought and took with me to the grocery store over 2 years ago: Eat Clean Diet. I am now even further into this journey and have learned a lot this year about food additives, GMOs, and the food industry. Reinforcing why EATING CLEAN was the best decision I made for my family. 

I hope you have an awesome year ahead. I hope you choose to {clean up} your act and experience the rewards. Cheers to 2013. It's gonna be great!

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