Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Taste Buds

Taste buds...Wow...They sure do set the stage for what you enjoy.

It's no wonder people think I'm crazy when I rave about certain clean foods tasting so good when they don't enjoy them-at all. It's because their taste buds are programmed to enjoy highly processed, sugar/salt rich, "fake" foods.  My taste buds have been rebooted! 

Here's an example of a time when I knew it had really changed for me. It had been months since I had visited a Starbucks. I used to order a Skinny Sugar Free Vanilla Latte. I used to add one or two Sweet-n-Lows to the latte-No joke!  The first time back to Starbucks after a long time away and since going "clean", I ordered a grande coffee with reg vanilla added (I will avoid artificially sweeteners until the day I die) with a splash of half and half.   It was sweet, too sweet. I almost wonder what Sweet-n-Low tastes like now that I have been {clean} for over two years now, but I doubt I will try it.  If I do you can guarantee I will tell you first!

Salt, that's a huge player in the taste buds. There is so much salt in processed foods. I'm not just talking about the food sitting on the shelves in cans or boxes. I'm also speaking of the food you are get at all these chain restaurants around town. It's down right depressing once you read the facts. If I do eat something I used to "love" prior to {eating clean}, I often react with a shocked expression followed by "Holy Salt, Batman!" Then never eat it again.

Here's a great example of sodium in chain restaurants. Olive Garden's Tour of Italy has 3830mg of sodium & 74 grams of fat. Add another 370mg for ONE breadstick. But, who eats just one(+370mg)? Oh, and I'm sure you indulged in salad, add on 760mg for ONE serving of salad. So that's a grand total without dipping sauce to 5330mg of sodium. THREE days worth in one meal.  If you ever dare go there again, order from the Lighter Fare menu. It's not healthy but it's "healthier" than the others. I suggest finding a new favorite place to go. WOW!

If you are just starting out on this journey of {clean eating} and have been used to eating processed foods for some time, don't fret if many vegetables don't taste good to you. Also, don't be concerned if there is only ONE you can tolerate as long as you've been alive.  Stay consistent and you will notice that ALL the foods will start to taste different to you. I am shocked at the amounts(types) of vegetables I enjoy now. My taste buds for sure have changed. A LOT! 

Here's a great article with a similar success as mine when it comes to the changes that happen after eating clean for a while...Retrain Your Taste Buds 

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