Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crutches {we've all had them}

I know it sometimes seems impossible to give up those things in life that are our crutch to get us through the day.  The key word here is SEEMS impossible. It's not impossible and my advice would be to GIVE IT UP. If you can't commit to forever, set a goal of 30 days and do it.  

Whatever it is. Smoking, drinking alcohol daily, chewing {sugar free} gum, eating sweets, drinking soda, drinking anything with caffeine, sugar free waters, etc. You would be very surprised how different you feel at day 30. Even if you don't decide to stay off this habit something magical has happened. You have set a goal and you have conquered it. You have made yourself proud.  You believe in yourself now. YOU have the power now.

I get many testimonies from friends and strangers that made a commitment to change since I started this blog. It makes me very excited to see that this journey I'm on has helped others reach comfort/relief/success with making even the simplest of changes in their daily lives. 

One of my recent success stories came from a friend that gave up caffeine (mainly his addiction to coffee) and most sweets for two weeks (at the point of him writing me). He reported to me that he had significant reduction in his neck and shoulder pain which was causing him a lot of problems.  He also mentioned that he feels much more "awake" throughout the day.  He drinks only water, a single cup of green tea, and an occasional beer now. He's feeling much better.  

If you are reading this and you are addicted, mentally and physically, to something...(you know what it is, don't kid yourself)...I challenge you to make yourself proud. Make your family proud. Let someone else know you are committing to give something up for 30 days. AND DO IT! Become a quitter.

My journey actually started a month before finding the {eat clean} book.  I had already decided to give up caffeine completely and see if it made changes in my stomach pain. It was a great detox and from then on I drink small amounts of caffeine on a regular basis. I now drink one cup of coffee in the morning and usually a glass of green matcha tea in the afternoon (sometimes a decaf tea instead).  I used to drink cup after cup of Joe (and Diet Coke) and that landed me nowhere but straight to the loony bin with anxiety, stress, and panic!!!  If you are suffering at all with your health, you owe it to yourself to do some research and make some changes.

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