Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paying it Forward {clean eating style}

I started my {clean eating} journey in the Fall of 2010. Eating clean isn't a sprint, but yet a new way of life. A new life. It's about learning new, exciting, and helpful things along this journey to better your overall health.

After about 3 months of {eating clean} I was armed with a new zest for life. I wanted to tell the world all about how great I felt. Actually, people could just tell I felt fabulous. I would get asked by friends, family, and strangers: "what are you doing to lose the weight?"  Well, let's face it, they didn't have the time to sit/stand and chat for hours on end to hear what all they needed to know to begin their journey. (and they were going to need a pencil to take notes) With that, the blog {CLEAN FREAK} was created in January 2011.  It was created to share my journey and to inspire others to make the change and feel terrific too!  Oh, what a blessing it has been to myself and others.  If you are taking the time to read this, you know.

Many people don't believe me. Many people want to be quick to judge. Many people don't want to do the work.  Many people don't give themselves enough credit. That's fine, they can continue to live the way they are if they find contentment in that.  I can't change others, but I can sure inspire them.

I have a good friend from college named Jen. We used to battle our weight for YEARS together. We attended LA Weight Loss "appointments" multiple times a week, tracked calories, took supplements, drank diet drinks and sadly, deprived ourselves of foods we loved (often). Over the past 10+ years we both got married, had two kids each, and ended up overweight in the end. Mainly, because we were doing it ALL wrong. 

Jen was one of those people that didn't believe my hype (maybe you feel the same way too, but something told you to keep reading this blog). Jen was one of the first people I told to try {eating clean}. We had struggled so much before with our weight. I was dropping inches EASILY.  I was just sticking to the rules and it was working. She HAD to try it. It may have taken her awhile to get on board, but like with anything...when you make your mind up it will get done! Jen is only 3 months into her journey but she is ON board. She finally gets all the hype. I couldn't be more proud of her. It's so rewarding to see a friend choose to {eat clean} for her family and what rewards that brings. 

Jen feels so passionate about {eating clean} now that she has created her own blog to share her journey with anyone and everyone that wants to listen! In THREE short months of {clean eating} and jogging, she has lost 30 lbs and 20 inches! I'm telling you people, this is NOT hype.

Please go to Jen's brand new site and congratulate her on her dedication to make a change and sharing it with us all! Also, you can read all about what she thought of me before she decided to dive into the world of {clean}!

UPDATE: December 2012: Jen is down 43 lbs and 28 inches. She hasn't even reached her year mark yet! If you click on the PHOTOS tab you can see before and progress pictures of Jen. WOW!

Here's the book that started it all:

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