Friday, June 29, 2012

Stevia {all natural sweetener}

If you are switching out your {dirty} sweetener to Stevia you need to read labels. I know I preach it ALL.THE.TIME. but read the ingredients! I have Stevia in my garden which works well for homemade cold drinks, but that's not always the best form for coffee or baking needs.

Sugar in the RAW contains dextrose (chemically processed sugar) and maltodextrin (food additive).

Truvia contains rebiana (Cargill company) & erythritol (sugar alcohol, which causes me stomach issues).

PureVia (PEPSI Product) contains dextrose and cellulose powder.

Here's a blog entry someone else did on the subject : BeautifulAfterTheBelly

I use Sweet Leaf packets when I travel or on the go in a pinch.  I use Trader Joe's or Whole Foods containers that looks like this on a daily basis at home (that's 622 servings per container):

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