Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{clean} flavored water

I have people ask me all the time if what they are drinking is {clean}. I remember reading TONS of labels in the beginning and being overwhelmed.  I still believe it's best to make your own flavored waters, but every once in a while we need something and we need it NOW! Or when you commit to get off the soda, you MUST have options to run to if you start to panic.

Be aware of chemicals in bottled flavored water. It can actually make you gain weight. How you say??? Because your body wasn't built to process these chemicals and additives. Also, it can cause you to have cravings that you wouldn't have if you only drank water. Trust me it's true!

I recommend the following:

 True Lemon -It's great to have on hand in the car, your bag, etc.  I don't drink this but my kids will, from time to time, if we are out at a restaurant and they ask for lemonade. 

Vitamin ZERO Water -It now tastes SUPER sweet to me. I typically will drink half the bottle, fill it with water and save it for another day. Each bottle is 2 servings I believe anyway.

Ice Mountain Sparkling Flavored Water -My husband still craves the carbonated beverage so he drinks this often. 

Hint Water  -I have only tried one flavor of this brand, Hint. It was good but such a subtle flavor that it would taste just as good, or better, to make your own.

MetroMint -I have had this one before. I hated the chocolate flavor. If you do love mint it would be worth a try at some of the other flavors.

I found this awesome blog entry regarding making your own flavored water, check it out:

Best of luck to you if you are making that commitment to rid your life of HFCS and chemicals!  You will be glad you did months from now!

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