Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is 2012 your year to change?

I know I have come a long way on this {eat clean} journey in 2011 but often times I don't even get to read the labels of the "crap food" on the shelves. Mainly because I've gotten {that} good at knowing what to choose on the first try. However, I do want to make a point to stop by a few of the items we used to consume often and read the labels a year later, but it's Christmas time, who has time for that sort of "fun"? 

It's amazing how many foods are artificially flavored and colored these days. And, the sodium in prepackaged things is shocking when you really start paying attention! If you are always feeling bloated and eat a lot of prepackaged/prepared meals, it's no wonder if you take a look at the sodium. However, it's reassuring to see many companies making changes to their ingredients, but it makes me wonder if they are just trying to trick me into buying something that isn't {clean} by renaming it.  I am getting off track here...

If you are looking to make some changes in 2012 and would like to completely overhaul your life and embark on a {clean eating} journey, here are some of the major things you will need to know.

Avoid all over-processed and refined foods (especially sugar, white rice, and white flour)

Avoid saturated and trans fat, instead consuming healthy fats

Avoid soda and other sugary juices and drinks

Avoid high-calorie, zero nutrient foods, (i.e., junk food)

It sure looks simple listed there, but I can assure it's not so simple at first. If you are still drinking soda or other sugary drinks you are in for quite the fight to detox off of those.  I'm here to prove that it can be done as I am 17 months "sober" off the Diet Coke. (and only crazy ex-addicts still count after the year mark)

Now, here are a few things you SHOULD do:

Drink water. It's recommended you drink half your body weight in ounces daily. (ex. A person weighing 150 lbs. should drink 75 ounces.)

Exercise. Start with 2-3 hours a week. Even walking counts. Heck, have you ever played Wii Just Dance game? That counts too!

Always eat breakfast. Always. Even if you aren't hungry.

Eat 5 to 6 small meals daily. That's 3 main meals and 2 {healthy} snacks.

Stick to these 8 "rules" and master them and you will see huge results.  I will say that I am not 100% {clean} and never claim to be. But I strive for 85% each month.

Wishing you happy healthy life in 2012. 

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