Thursday, November 10, 2011

Planetbox {taking lunch to the next planet}


I can't say enough good things about this lunchbox system. It's easy to clean, it's eco-friendly, and it's super COOL! Purchasing this system wasn't taken likely because I had trouble getting past the $60 price tag that comes along with owning a Planetbox. I really thought out the pros and the cons. After much thought, it truly was an investment and it would pay off in the long run. Or so I hoped!

It's been 3 months since my kids have been using their Planetboxes (ages 3 and 7), and they LOVE them! They look forward to what I have packed each day.  There is nothing better than lifting the lid to your lunch and finding it ready to eat. No opening wrappers or no opening ziplock bags! Maybe there is something better, when I open the lid at home to find that all the food I sent to school has been eaten. That's very rewarding! 

Here's a few examples of my kid's lunches:

I believe the Planetbox makes eating healthy FUN! 
Now, if you think these lunches looked pretty, check out these over the top super creative lunches:

 And this one was when their doddy, Daisy, packed the child's lunch. HA!

Their website has lots of great info on it so I will leave it to them to explain the features and benefits further. CHECK THEM OUT!

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