Monday, October 24, 2011

{cleaned} up Birthday Party

I always tell people I try to live life 85% {clean}. I'm not sure where that percentage comes from, but it's a goal. I take that percentage into all aspects of life, even a birthday party.

For my daughters birthday party, it was a Spa theme and the kids started out with a fresh Berry Plate.

Then for lunch they got to select their own lunch items.  Multigrain bread, {all natural} peanut butter  and {all natural} strawberry jam made the PB&Js. Or they could choose Boar's Head Turkey and cheese. Their side choices were {all natural} applesauce, carrots, grapes, or banana. They had a great time selecting and feeling in charge of their lunch. (we served Berry Berry Good Lemonade by Honest and water) 

For dessert we had Zogurt's {all natural} Frozen Yogurt. It's delicious and nutritious. You can read more about it at their website:  or stop in and visit them! You won't be disappointed.

And cake pops, lots of cake pops!

Strawberry(box mix) with {all natural} white chocolate and {all natural} pink sprinkles
{all natural} Chocolate with Dark chocolate with pearls
{all natural} pumpkin with cream cheese
{all natural} vanilla with milk chocolate

 I did fine some {all natural} dinner mints that were quite tasty for the party. And one of her {unclean} favorites: Skittles was served during Foot spa time!

This is one happy 7 year old!

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