Friday, October 7, 2016


I am a true believer in the fact that if you want change for the next generation you must BE THE CHANGE. You can't just sit around and complain. You must DO. You must ACT. You must step out of your comfort zone. After a week or so into school my son was bringing home crap candy filled with dyes, sugar, and God knows what else as a reward for good behavior (and they were coming often) that other parents donated.

I could have just said no, "you aren't getting to eat that" and give him cleaner options, BUT that isn't fair to him or to all the other kids if I am truly going to pay it forward, teach what I preach. Instead I told him he can have this first sucker (and boy was it nasty looking to me) this one time and I will contact your teacher to get a plan in place moving forward. He was fine with that.

His teacher is new this year to the school and she was very welcoming to my concerns and ideas. Praise the Lord!

I purchased some organic candy and cheap toys to add to the box that my son and friends could pick from. I also suggested some other ideas I was willing to help with and she was already thinking on the same track. One in which was a dance party for kids that received enough "stars" to attend at the end of the month. And so the collection of stars began.

I am more than excited to announce we are having our first Dance Party next week. We will have party lights, we will have glow sticks, we will have super rad dancing, and we will have a healthy snack too! This not only will be great exercise for the kiddos (and me), but this will empower them (and hopefully by hearing about this it will impact those that didn't get to go this month) to be better, to do better, to want better for themselves. And yes, even in 2nd grade!

We also have a new principal this year which I really like. She is full of zest and enthusiasm. I am excited to hear that after the teacher contacted her about what will be happening (we were kinda nervous) she asked to come and be involved. Please say a prayer that this can be a change for our elementary school system. The kids are very excited for this event and who am I kidding, I am SUPER excited too!

Also, I met a new mom friend this week that works for Eat Smart, Move More of York County (and is running for school board this year) and she wants to attend too.

I feel truly blessed to be alive and well and making a positive impact on the children in my county.

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