Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happiness {spread the love}

When I decided to make a change back in 2010 it wasn't just about learning to eat clean. It was about changing the way I lived my life and transforming it to be a better life. Changing the way I saw the world around me. Changing my attitude about growing older. After losing my friend, Megan, to Breast Cancer and then another friend/neighbor, Jen, two years later... I have been forever changed. 

It doesn't have to take a tragic event to make you realize there is more to life than money and monetary items.  My journey of eating clean has taught me so much about myself and others around me. I have lost some friends in the process, but I have gained strangers that have become some of my greatest supporters and friends.  Once you open your life up to those you interact with daily something magical happens.

My best friend recommend a documentary named HAPPY on Netflix. I knew right away I wanted to watch this film and that I did. The same day she told me about it.

This film is great. It is eye opening if you haven't ever considered the correlation between true happiness and depression.  Many people don't realize how the little acts and choices one does day in and day out can immensely affect their mood and longevity.

This film had me saying "amen!" on more than one occasion  This film also hit home to me and my family.  My husband left a Japanese company after a decade of working there about 5 years ago. We decided to leave that company for many of the reasons listed in the film.  No job should come before family.

Fast forward to today, my husband is leaving his current job for a more rewarding, fulfilling, but substantially less paying job so we can continue on our journey of "happiness".  I have lived this film first hand, so to speak, and I highly recommend you take the time to watch it.

Are you feeling HAPPY in your life? Do you try to think beyond yourself? Do you try to think about the stranger that may be having a bad day and how you can smile and make their day? Do you take the time to help others? Are you always worrying about what's the next new thing you will buy and own? Are you trying to impress others? Just stop and think about your answers.

Watch the film. 

Click here for the trailer: HAPPY 

This world would be a lot HAPPIER if everyone had the mindset that is described in the film. Get out there and grab your happiness!

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