Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lanikai Juice is da bomb!

I just returned from a dream trip to Hawaii with my family where I fell in love with two things: Lanikai Juice and the Acai Berry! There were two things that made me want to try this place. One, it was {clean eating} and two, Dr. Jack Shephard(Matthew Fox) off the hit show LOST raved about their smoothies on Oprah. (And, yes, I am STILL a big fan of the show LOST!) 

I didn't {eat clean} the entire trip and my body physically started to look different in such a short time. Reiterating the fact that eating clean changes your body's physical shape for the better. With just a week off I started to look heavier and feel sluggish. (though shocked to see the number on the scale go down when I returned home-I'm guessing due to portion control)

Anyway,on to the two exciting things I would like to share....if you are ever on the island of Oahu try Lanikai Juice. Why? Because they live and breath {clean eating}!!! Serving up healthy smoothies and smoothie bowls for over 14 years. They use 100% fresh juices, 73% of their fruit is local, and they use fresh fruit and yogurt! 

You can read more about all their awesomeness at their site: www.lanikaijuice.com

Now, on to the Acai(Ah-Sigh-EE) berry. This was a first. I am always up for new things. Especially ones that claim to have health benefits. I am so glad I did! This little berry is from the Amazon Rainforest and is harvested 24 hours after picking!  They are not cheap and I am still working on finding the real deal (no things added) Acai in my area. 

On the menu at Lanikai Juice was the Amazon Smoothies.  I chose the Acai Traditional and it has a double dose of Acai, bananas, and apple juice. The taste: pure cold heaven in a foam cup! I sampled quite a few of these tasty smoothies during my stay in Oahu and there wasn't one I didn't enjoy. My Acai ones were my favorite though. My kids loved them too.  Which didn't come as a huge shock since they love my healthy smoothies at home. You can read more of the health benefit claims at www.acaiberry.org

My husband's favorite was the new Choco Loco bowl. Nutella, Soy Milk, Banana, Granola, Chocolate Whey Protein.

Choco Loco

I look forward to recreating the Choco Loco(and many others) and sharing them with you.

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